Month of ActiveX Bug announced

well, first of all sorry for my poor english then some informations about activex controls from wikipedia.
so I'm here and I'm proud to announce that on 2007 MAY will start the Month of ActiveX Bug (MoAxB).
most of them are simple DoS (don't worry there are also some code execution) but that's because MoAxB has only a sense: to inform developers about the risk of using activex controls.
naturally everyone's invited to post activex bug or to ask for information or simply to post comments.

Greetz to:
my wife and my daughter
for all the love they give to me and for their patience

in alphabetical order :)
auron, GiampaZ, hawake, ppanico2, redeemer, rgod, str0ke, The Wanderer, wicker25 and to all I forgot to mention for their support and friendship.

now be safe brothers, see you on 2007/05/01